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Yoga and Nutrition Playful Workshop for Families


9:45-12:00h. / Kastanien Allee 99

Family Yoga: We will live a journey to the present, a space that is sometimes difficult to maintain in our family’s daily lives. We'll laugh at games, do easy and fun acrobatics, breathe and relax...

Family Nutrition: We are going to feel and visualize what real and natural foods provide to our body to keep it strong, healthy, and active. - We will draw the silhouette of our bodies and associate what real and natural foods do to our healthy placing them on it. - We will touch, smell, see and taste different types of real, natural foods.

About us: I am Victoria, mother of two active children of 4 and 6 years with whom I practice Yoga as a family from a young age. In Berlin, I teach in several kitas and I have planned and conducted different family workshops on Yoga, nutrition, and arts.

I am Tatiana, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist living in Berlin with my 5-year-old daughter and husband. My approach to nutrition with families is what we apply at home: through playful, interactive and practical food and cooking games, we build a curious, experimental and wholesome relationship to natural and fresh foods. In Berlin, I give 1-1 consultations and have planned and conducted different workshops on nutrition and Yoga.

Ticket: 25€ pro-Family (1 Adult + 1 Child (3-10 years old))

and 5€ for each additional family member.



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