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How to shake off stress with nutrition and yoga

Actualizado: 17 de nov de 2019


9:00-11:30h. / Kastanien Allee 99

We all often suffer some type of stress and experience emotional, mental and physical effects that influence us in such a way that we experience changes in our mood, energy, and liveliness. We feel how all the agitation, tension, and distress affect our eating, respiration and sleeping, too.

By definition, stress is our body’s natural way of responding to a very high or very low level of pressure to an unpleasant, upsetting or threatening situation. During this response, we experience its effect on our well-being, mood, digestion, immunity, brain function, and unstable energy supply (blood sugar levels).

When we refer to stress, we are talking about the physical, biochemical and emotional impact that it has on our body. That means physically we might be relying on external factors like caffeinated beverages to survive throughout the day; biochemically we are producing fewer digestive enzymes, leaving the gut prone to gut permeability; or emotionally we may likely turn to food for comfort.

How can we support our bodies during these types of situations?

After having undergone many times through short and long periods of stress, and having witnessed firsthand the benefits that both mind-body awareness practices offer us, Tatiana and I have decided to unite our passions to create this workshop.

We want to share with you useful tools that can guide you on how to work on lifestyle factors that will help you experience a long-term wholesome lifestyle.

  • We are going to talk about which nutrients can contribute to increase cortisol production and the effects of this in the production of other hormones necessary.

  • How excess cortisol production influences blood sugar imbalance, immune system suppression, weight gain, and gastrointestinal problems.

  • Which nutrients are depleted as a result of inflammation caused by stress, and how to replace them.

  • Through breathing techniques, and simple but comfortable yoga postures, we will show you how to revitalize your body, increase your energy levels, and balance your nervous and hormonal systems.

  • To finalize, we will practice some meditation exercises to create a deeply relaxing flow that will allow you to connect with your inner well-being again and help you embrace the flow of life.

We will close the event with a delicious and nutritious holistic breakfast prepared by each attendee.

Price: 29 Euros (including holistic breakfast)

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