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Destress your day-to-day with Nutrition and Yoga

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9:00-12:00h. / Kastanien Allee 99

Want to learn how to greatly reduce the imbalances and put into practice body-mind awareness habits?

Come and join us in this experience, where you are going to learn:

How to slow down and revitalize your body through breathing techniques.Which nutrients can contribute to increasing cortisol production and the effects of cortisol on the production of other hormones.How to balance out the nutrients that are depleted as a result of high-stress levels.How to practice simple and comfortable yoga postures that increase your energy levels and balance your nervous and hormonal systems.How to prepare a delicious and balanced holistic breakfast.

In the end, you will leave the workshop feeling empowered, connected again with your inner well-being, and ready to embrace the flow of life.

Agenda: Yoga practice / Breakfast / Nutrition / Q&A


Tatiana Flórez-Pérez has been involved in nutrition for more than a decade and is a certified holistic nutritionist, graduated from the Paracelsus Institut Berlin. She works with her clients in making sustainable and practical changes by guiding them on how to support their bodies through 4 main pillars: nutrition, exercise, a healthy environment, and healthy relationships. She makes the approach to nutrition through natural, whole and fresh foods, and wholesome lifestyle choices, based on their individual needs, personal goals, and health history.



Victoria Fernández-Prieto has been in very direct contact with Asia for almost 20 years. She lived in India for 4 years, which allowed her to understand yoga from its context of origin and meet wonderful teachers. Victoria is a certified teacher in Asthanga Vinyasa (Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa, India) and yoga for children and family (Yoga &Kids) by Yoga Alliance International.



Price: 29 Euros (including holistic breakfast)

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