I'm Spanish, I live in Berlin and I've been in very direct contact with Asia for almost 20 years.

I have lived in India for 4 years, which has allowed me to understand yoga from its context of origin and meet wonderful teachers.


I have practiced different types of yoga for 11 years (Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Asthanga and Bihar School). Each branch is different but in my humble opinion, each one brings you a genuine experience. As a student, I have been practicing Asthanga Mysore for 3 years.


I am a certified teacher in Asthanga Vinyasa (Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa, India) and Yoga for children and family (Yoga &Kids) by Yoga Alliance International.


I'm happy to teach yoga classes.


In Berlin I teach Asthanga Vinyasa in Spanish in the afternoons, teach children in kitas and do workshops for families.

My students are either Spanish speakers or Germans (who speak or don't speak Spanish but comment that they love the atmosphere and energy that is created in the class, a merit that has a lot to do with their attitude!).


I like the naturalness with which my students relate in the classes, and I like to adapt the classes to their needs and to the energy that flows in each moment.


I wait for you, thank you and Namaste!

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